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2 Factor Authentication

I would really like to see Two Factor Authentication made available when I log into my website. Most every email, banking and shopping site I use has this as an option, if not a requirement. This would be especially useful to me should I log into my website from a computer I do no normally use.

SS Customer service reps able

SS Customer service reps able to see your PIN. How comfortable are you with that? If one of them share/sell your address and PIN with someone else what would you do?
I asked one of the rep. and she told me they have millions of customers. Her respond did not answer my question. I think she tried to say you are safe just like millions of customers but I think millions of customer are a big unprotected potential because of security gap.
Than I talked to a supervisor and mentioned my concern. I asked him How safe I am with SS? he said not 100% but we screen employees before hire he said. How about if they became criminal after hiring process? Than he said you are living in California our employees, monitoring centers, located in different states. I think customer lives in same state with their monitoring centers has more risk. Yaaayyyyyy!!!!!!!!! I have less risk in CA.

How come a home security company's employee access my pin number?

I opened new forum regarding this matter but It is not posted. I just wanted to help their and I would like to stay as a customer. If they don't make any changes I will return my products and I can post my concerns another platforms about SS

Soon after my monitoring

Soon after my monitoring charge was posted to my credit card another,illegal, charge was posted. I've contacted the CC company and had my CC canceled but it sure looks like Simplisafe has an employee that may not be altogether honest. I say this because the only activity on this card has been a monitoring charge from them. I've written Simplisafe and await a reply.

@jmYann Once credit card


Once credit card information is entered into our system, SimpliSafe employees do not have access to it. The billing information appears as a series of x's to protect your account. We recommend contacting your bank for other charges on your account.

SimpliSafe Home Security

NOT only that, BUT they don't

NOT only that, BUT they don't even have good security themselves!!! My credit card was used here for a purchase that I didn't even make! So what kind of security do they provide, when there isn't even a verification for credit card fraud on their own site!!!

I am very concerned with this

I am very concerned with this arrangement of only having one pin for administrative, programming vs. an actual emergency. I'm not sure what the answer is, but I think every time I use the pin I will have to change it again until I'm comfortable with this issue. I live in an apt and feel the walls are paper thin, so someone hears my pin and you know what pursues. Perhaps security questions would help (2 of 3 answered correctly). Can the system be tailored to only using the phone app for entry and exit, and to open the opp use the finger print sensor of the phone (Samsung Galaxy s8+). These are just ideas, but I would like this issue to be given some serious thought.

@cristwardowski Perhaps we


Perhaps we need to clear up first that your PINs (including your Master PIN) are used for disarming the system. The Master PIN specifically can also be used to access your Keypad's Menu for advanced settings. All PINs are typed into your Keypad, and all of the buttons make the same tone, so you can't tell just by listening what that PIN is.

If our Monitoring Company needs to call you to confirm an alarm event, they would ask for your Safe Word passcode - which can be a word or number. It would also be what our Support team will ask for, if we need to talk about specific details on your account.

For better security, we strongly suggest that you regularly change both your PINs and your Safe Word passcode!

If you are subscribed to Interactive Monitoring, you'll also be able to arm and disarm your system via the smartphone app. And if TouchID is enabled for your iPhone device, it can also be used to unlock your SimpliSafe app. But currently there isn't a similar feature for Android.

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