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I think someone hacked into our camera

We have been at home with our system as off and our camera has automatically turned on and we did not do it. As soon as we get up to go turn it off of investigate it turns off. This just happened again tonight. Has anyone else had that issue?

We are currently on the customer help line for over 5 minutes and still waiting to speak to someone about this.

There have been several posts

There have been several posts about this. check them out with the search function, which has inexplecably been removed from the pages. try simplisafe.com/seardh

Thanks for your post. I

Thanks for your post. I tried to search, but I could not find anything similar to my situation. any other suggestions?

@hkrabbenhoft@gmail.com, you

@hkrabbenhoft@gmail.com, you are correct, the search link that sevensiamesecats provided you is not returning any hits, which is very odd. Even a google search showed very little, and as seven stated, this topic has been discussed at length.

A quick recap is that at times there are updates, unannounced, by SS tweaking the firmware that will cause this behavior. One question: when the cameras lights are on, is the privacy guard also in the up position? I have three cameras and have noticed updates, lights on and then off, but it is rare and the pg is down. I sincerely doubt someone hacked into your camera with the encryption deployed.

To Simplisafe:
Two questions: 1. When is the search tool coming back? 2. Please answer the questions asked by hkrabbenhoft in this thread. This is request one, day one. Thanks in advance!

update: @hkrabbenhot, not to lose this thread, I am going to start a new discussion thread in the "Using SS" area to make sure SS replies in a timely manner.

Well, In my opinion, Now a


In my opinion, Now a days, its a trending topic in everyone list. As you can all see currently Facebook CEO is accused for Surveillance of ordinary people. there was a whole tried been done last week, and the results of that case are expected soon.

Any ways
The same thing happen in my Laptop, When ever I open it and start browsing my screen blinks twice (for some time I did not noticed it but I kept a track for two weeks in a row) And I got scared, Than I tried using it by disconnecting the internet and it worked normally. Now I have tapped my Laptop's front camera and I hope it works. These things are getting scarier and its making me feel like I am not alone in my room while surfing the internet.


I have had the same issue a

I have had the same issue a couple of times the last few days. I'll be sitting here watching TV and I look up and the camera has a flashing blue light. The two times I have noticed this the system has been armed in Home mode, but the camera was recording long after the system had been placed in that mode. Both times I have seen this, I have turned the system Off, then reset it to Home, and things returned to normal, camera was not recording after the status reset. I doubt it has been hacked as my wi-fi router has a pretty stout password, but I cannot find any reason for the camera to record as it was unless it was either hacked, or there is a serous bug in the alarm system software.