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Leave it to SimpliSafe to share your confidential information!! :-(

I have trusted SimpliSafe with my identity, my address, multiple cell phone numbers, first and last name, etc. Recently the nearby city started a false alarm ordinance requiring registration of alarm systems within city limits to register with the city.... but I don't live within the city limits. City police will NOT be dispatched in the event my alarm is triggered, the County Sheriff will be dispatched. Yet this week all of my confidential information trusted to SimpliSafe has been given to some third party organization who may or may not be contracted with the nearby city for compliance purposes. They sent me an invoice, they listed all my confidential information including SimpiSafe, my full name, spouse' full name, both our cell phones and our address...outside city limits (but 5+ miles by the way)....clearly outside the city limits. Someone at SimpliSafe screwed up and they willingness to turn over all my private data to a third party is a breach of trust. SimpliSafe, you were wrong! Fix this breach of trust ASAP or loose my business and many others. Even if you think someone needs to comply with False Alarm ordinances you have no right to turn over my confidential information without my permission....

@davidf, can you call SS for

@davidf, can you call SS for an explanation? If you do, please post the outcome here.

@davidf Thank you for


Thank you for reaching out. I'm going to have a supervisor give you a call to discuss.

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I spoke with a supervisor

I spoke with a supervisor today and voiced my concern about lack of transparency with regard to the dissemination of my confidential information. The supervisor promised to raise this concern to the people who make the dissemination decisions with the hope that they will see my request as reasonable and move this into the process going forward. FWIW, my request (demand) is that given the trust relationship with customer (me) and SimpliSafe (security vendor), that before ANY confidential information is shared with any third party, that the customer should be given the right of refusal of that sharing request. SimpliSafe should inform the customer if they decline the sharing request of the consequences of that decision (perhaps the city will bill an extra fee for a false alarm police dispatch for someone using a system in non-compliance (not on record with the city). Again, this should be the customer's decision about confidential information sharing since it is their confidential information that has been entrusted to SImplisafe for the purpose of premisis security. It's about maintaining a trustworthy relationship between customer and vendor by allowing the customer to make these disclosure decisions. Business basics...

I agree! Also am in a

I agree!

Also am in a similar situation outside city limits, but getting closer. I don't believe SimpliSafe has given out our personal information to date but would feel as you do. I talk up SimpliSafe quite a bit but would quit the promoting if I was in your situation. If it is a city requirement, at the very least the customer should be notified prior.

Hi everyone. If you haven't

Hi everyone. If you haven't already, please read the Simplifsafe Terms of Service. (TOS) and Privacy Policy They are here on the site, and, for the record, if you have purchased their system or service, you have already agreed to them. They are very well written and clearly delineates what they do and don't do with your personal information. (BTW, in case you are wondering, the answer is not much.)

Instead of being concerned about SS, you should, in my humble opinion, be more worried about all of the other sites and vendors you have signed up/subscribed to.

Finally, you have already been notified, via the TOS and Privacy Policies, when, where, how and what will be disclosed.

Here is the link for the TOS and Privacy Policy: