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Safeword - who needs to know?

COPS Dispatch Center vs Simplisafe phone techs: Leaving out a lot of details, just recently I had occasion to be directly transferred from the COPS monitoring service to a Simplisafe person, to resolve an issue with my "Monitoring" page (under "Settings") on the Simplisafe website. The Simplisafe person ("Conrad") claimed I needed to give him my safeword so he could investigate the problem, and there was no way he could see my Monitoring page without it. Since his seeing the page was a requirement to continue any further conversation, I gave him the safeword, and the problem was quickly resolved. Had he been able to view the database that feeds the Monitoring page (customer account data), he could have seen the data that was in question, but that ability apparently was not available to him either.

My Question: Was the Simplisafe tech correct in asking for my safeword? Is it really necessary, and are Simplisafe phone techs authorized to request customer safewords?

I changed my safeword after hanging up with the Simplisafe tech.

Thank you.

They will always ask your

They will always ask your safe word, even for things such as monitoring changes. The idea is that someone then cannot cancel your monitoring without knowing your safe word.