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Someone else ordering a keychain online

I have a stalker and my alarm used to go off but now it doesn't but things are still not right. I"m worried that he purchased an extra keychain online and activated it at my baystation one of the times he broke in and the alarm went off. What can I do to prevent him from getting in and deactivating my alarm?

@ 7742798624a Thanks for

@ 7742798624a

Thanks for posting! Any unauthorized components can be removed right through the keypad! Check the serial numbers of your keychains underneath the battery cover and remove any keychain serials that do not belong! For assistance, give our customer service line a call and we will help figure it out!

Ryan K.
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Can you add a keychain to

Can you add a keychain to the system using the keypad, without knowing the master pin? What does someone need to show SS to order a keychain already set up for a particular system? Can a "blank" keychain be "setup" for the system by plugging it into the base station?

SS only provides one master

SS only provides one master USB remote per system. Any others you order will not have the USB connector, and will need to be programmed to the system. This should be done by the owner of the system, as they are the only ones that would have access to the setup.

@sevensiamesecats Thanks for


Thanks for posting! When you purchase an extra key chain remote (after your initial purchase) it is not programmed into your system. You must do this when you receive it. You can do this through the keypad, Easy Setup Wizard, or Interactive Monitoring service, but you cannot do so without the Master PIN. You would not be able to add a sensor to the system without it. A key chain remote (nor any component) will work with your system without being programmed in. Please let us know if there's anything we can help you out with.

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