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First let me talk about the wonder world of Social Media. People just don't learn these days. Lets use facebook for example, people will disclose where they live with those wonderful check-ins including maps and all who are with them. After a while one figures out where a person lives, his or her routines, places they frequent, who lives in the house, where and when and for how long they will be gone after bragging about planning a trip or vacation. We have people who do the COUNT DOWN before leaving. I recently had two different people online post close up photos of Drivers Licensees after being so proud of a child getting a permit etc. In doing so I learned the Full Name, Address, DOB, Issue Date, Expiration Date and the good ole Signature. These people were Friends of Friends. One never knows who is watching and looking. Lets also talk about the people who love to post photos taken inside a home giving the world full view of everything owned. Lets also talk about what people toss in the trash. Anything with a name or address on it does the trick. We have a rubber stamp used to block out names and address material if it does not fit in the shredder. Ordered on Amazon. Shred everything including the god awful marketing material that has ones name and information printed all over it. All it takes is a name and the World Wide Web for people to search many data bases for additional information and thus the criminal is able to expand his or her knowledge without much effort at all. I laugh when I read about the multitude of people who leave a car unlocked and or a window down while they run into a store as if a force-field will protect your vehicle even if you say you only went into the store for 5 minutes. Spare me the time in trying to justify anything other then it was your "stuff". Out of sight and out of mind. Car a has nothing in view laying on the seats and is locked with windows up Car B has everything laying all over and is unlocked. Which is easier and more convenient for the criminal? Placing trash out on the curb with empty boxes showing off the new flat screen or other high end items is asking for trouble but then again it is too much trouble to protect your self by breaking down the boxes and taking these little extra steps yet people waste our police officers time with petty thing when in fact many of the situations above could have been avoided unless your someone who always thinks its someone else s fault. Own it people and protect yourself. Since 1800 the population around the world went from 1 Billion people to over 7 Billion. Thats a big jump in 200 years time. We are stepping on each others toes and there is no avoiding criminal acts. Protect yourself better and think more!

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Thank you for posting! It's important to be cautious of who may see your personal information, particularly on the internet. You may find our blog post here interesting: http://simplisafe.com/blog/home-security-social-media-stalker.

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