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I'm new here, and also in a hurry, so apologies. Does SimpliSafe provide insurance information that I can send to my provider so I qualify for a discount on my renter's insurance?

@debi.a.jone, Welcome to SS!

@debi.a.jone, Welcome to SS! A lot of us customers are here often. The search engine on the top right hand of the page can answer many of your questions, including this one. You can download your certificate online; log in and go to "View your Account." then click on the "monitoring" tab. There you will see "Insurance Certifcate (Print". You should be good to go.

Due to the smoke and CO sensors, plus security in my house, I got a discount. Most do.

Hello, My insurance company


My insurance company need an alarm certificate. Can you please email me one or tell me if there is an option to download ?

Thank You

Hi Jags, use the post above

Hi Jags, use the post above from Captain to locate the alarm certificate.

The monitoring tab is no

The monitoring tab is no longer on that page in order to get an insurance certificate

The monitoring certificate is

The monitoring certificate is still available for download, but yes, it has moved a bit. Go to your account dashboard, on the left hand side click on the settings tab, then monitoring tab. The download icon is on the right upper hand side.

The following is for SS mgt.

For further assistance, you can watch the "How to navigate your dashboard" video (which doesn't exist in reality) in the new Customer Resource Center (CRC) that also doesn't exist in reality.

Simplisafe, please, get it in gear and get these and other things done.

I'm trying to get my

I'm trying to get my insurance certificate also, but the monitoring tab on my account only has an "upgrade" feature that takes me to a screen to increase my monitoring service. There is no icon to download the certificate anywhere I can find.
Can anyone assist?

@tdk512 Sorry for the


Sorry for the confusion. If you click on the word "Monitoring" and ignore that "Upgrade" button, that should take you to the correct page.

Johnny M.
SimpliSafe Home Security

I need the same certificate

I need the same certificate and I cannot click on "monitoring". I have followed all the directions provided above. I see "upgrade" and that is clickable but only for a pop-up for an upgrade description. "Monitoring" is not clickable. I cannot find the certificate anywhere else.


@dcj74 Make sure that you are


Make sure that you are not trying to access your camera location, and instead you are accessing a monitored system location. (If you don't have an active monitoring plan you won't have a certificate to print)

I just activated my alarm

I just activated my alarm system after moving into a new residence and kept getting the "upgrade" pop up when trying to click on the monitoring tab as well to get my certficate. I called SS customer service line and was told that certificates will only now be available to users on the interactive plan.

@Kthrisley, the language in

@Kthrisley, the language in the certificate says it is for monitored systems. If a water sensor goes off and you are not at home, kind of defeats the purpose.

Not really, Captain. If I

Not really, Captain. If I were not home when a water leak sprung, I'm glad to have the option to know to get home sooner than I planned, or have a friend or neighbor check it out.

You need to activate

You need to activate monitoring to get the far as I am concerned it is a hidden cost and gray sucks. Additionally, most insurance companies want to see a monitored service (as opposed to self monitored) so the security companies and insurance companies are in bed together, both screwing the homeowner...and that is not the kind of ménage à trois I like.

You need to use Chrome or

You need to use Chrome or Firefox for the link to work

Where is the search engine?

Where is the search engine? I'm a new user in the UK and cannot see one.

^ There is no search function

^ There is no search function on the forum - they took it off around 2 years ago. Most of us use google search. Type into google's search box: your search terms

SS has also been working on a new help center:

Could not find certificate

Could not find certificate anywhere on app. Called customer service and after 18 minutes on hold was disconnected. Thought to try full website account instead of app. That worked! Was able to get the certificate. Simplisafe has horrible customer service though. If you can get someone on the phone, they are always helpful, but getting someone to respond is nearly impossible.

@olsonc144, no excuses for

@olsonc144, no excuses for Simplisafe but, some good news, come about January 25 and the support is fine...until next November. Been like that for the past 7+ years