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Deterring break-ins
Preventing fires
Freezing/burst pipes
Water damage/leaks
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Indoor video footage

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Wireless home security
that protects 24/7

Meet SimpliSafe. A smart wireless home security system with innovative technology.
It is professionally monitored 24/7, protecting you and your home
for an affordable monthly fee.

No contracts. No commitments.
Just total peace of mind.

Base Station

Home security
that’s built for
the unexpected

Real and reliable home security
prepares for the worst, so you don’t have to.

That’s why we built backups for our system.
And then backups for those backups.

The unique features of our wireless
home security system means that
every eventuality is prepared for.

Always on

No Long-Term Contracts

home security-
Always on

We’re always switched on. Our 24/7
monitored alarm system is always there.
Ready to alert emergency services when
your home needs help. Our monitoring partner
operates from the UK's first purpose built
facility which complies with the highest
British and European standards of BS EN 50518.
And we’re proud of that.

Whole Home Protection

Whole Home

  • Detects fires

    A full alarm will sound if smoke is detected,
    to alert your family to exit the home.
    It will also call the fire brigade to
    send firefighters to your home.
    Detects fires
  • Burst pipes

    We warn you if your house is at risk of
    freezing when it drops below 5 degrees.
    Burst pipes? Not in your home.
    Helps Prevents burst pipes
  • Water damage

    Our system catches leaks before they
    become bursts. So you can avoid big home
    headaches like mould and floods.
    Warns against water damage
SimpliSafe Camera

Caught on smart camera

Get the evidence you need.
The police love when an alarm is visually verifiable.
It means two things; that the alarm is real, and
that the incident is currently in progress.
A smart home security camera means that the police are
much more likely to catch the criminal.
Need more convincing?

A camera lets you see what’s happening live in an emergency

You can capture crucial evidence, even if you’re a hundred miles away

Watch free anytime. Because everybody likes to check in

Open window alerts
Warning: Entry Sensor open

Open window

You’ve left a door or window open.
We’ve got you covered. An entry sensor
will let you know exactly which one
you’ve forgotten to close.

Control from anywhere

from anywhere

  • Arm your wireless home security
    system from your phone

    Heading out the door in a hurry? Need to let
    someone in while you’re out? No problem.
    Arm and disarm your system anywhere with
    a tap of the app from your phone or
    tablet, or a computer.

    Control your system from anywhere
  • Get notified when your system detects activity

    Did the kids get home safely? Is someone
    opening the alcohol cabinet? See what
    happens when you’re out with push and
    text alerts.

    Get notified when your system detects activity
  • See what’s happening from anywhere

    With SimpliCam, you can watch over your
    home in HD anywhere, anytime.

    see whats happening from anywhere
Built to last

Built to last

We’re constantly getting smarter,
better, faster. So should your
security system. SimpliSafe
can automatically update over-the-
air so you always have the latest
and best protection technology.

Introducing Heartbeat


It’s what we call the constant check-
ins we built into the system. It’s part
diagnostic, part security measure,
and 100% awesome, because it
means you always know everything’s
working the way it should.

Wireless home security.
Ready to protect,
right out of the box

Anyone can set up SimpliSafe in just a few minutes.
No drilling. No tools. Just plug in the Base Station,
place your sensors, and start protecting your home.

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