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Deterring break-ins
Preventing fires
Freezing/burst pipes
Water damage/leaks
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60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

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Try this system in your home for sixty days. If you aren’t completely satisfied (we think you will be), return it for a full refund. We’ll even cover return shipping.

Need more sensors? Personalise your package

The Foundation


This core kit is designed to start your home security journey. It’s got an entry sensor for your main door and the SimpliCam alerts you of movement.


  • 1 Base Station
  • 1 Keypad

24/7 Professional Monitoring

Expert monitoring specialists guard your home every second of the day to provide continuous protection, advanced detection and rapid response.

  • 24/7 live monitoring by expert specialists
  • Rapid cellular connection built-in
  • Courtesy call for water and temperature alerts
Alarm Monitoring £12.99/mo £25/Mo
Cellular Connection £0 £10/Mo
Landline Phone £0 £20/Mo

Most alarm companies charge you £25-50+ a month for monitoring. SimpliSafe protects your home for just £12.99/month.

24/7 Professional Monitoring and Dispatch

Expert monitoring specialists guard your home every second of the day to provide continuous protection, advanced detection and rapid response.

  • 24/7 live monitoring by expert specialists
  • Rapid cellular connection built-in
  • Police dispatch for burglar alarms
  • Firefighter dispatch for smoke alarms
  • Courtesy call for water and temperature alerts
Alarm Monitoring £19.99/mo £25/Mo
Cellular Connection £0 £10/Mo
Landline Phone £0 £20/Mo

Most alarm companies charge you £25-50+ a month for monitoring. SimpliSafe protects your home for just £19.99/month.

100% Cellular Connection, Built-In

Nationwide, we've got you covered. We partnered with Vodafone to build a robust national cellular network that keeps you safe—no matter where you are.

  • Built-in cellular GSM technology
  • No extra costs, and no phoneline or internet connection needed
  • FREE cellular connection with all monitoring plans
  • Most companies make you pay for monitoring AND cellular (over £35 a month!)

Whole Home Protection

Detects Fires, Fast

Detects Fires. Fast.
Sounds a full alarm to get your family out. Calls the fire department
to get firemen in. Requires SimpliSafe smoke detector.

Detects Fires, Fast

Detects dangerous temperature swings
Frozen pipes can burst, causing severe water damage. Set a lower temperature limit and we can warn you in advance. Set an upper limit and we'll alert you to dangerously high temperatures. Requires SimpliSafe temperature sensor.

Detects Fires, Fast

Warns against water damage
We catch leaks before they become bursts. So you can avoid headaches like mold and floods. Requires SimpliSafe water sensor.

Take Control from Anywhere in the World

Remote Control from Your Phone

Take command of your alarm system right from your smartphone:

Arm & Disarm instantly with the push of a button.
Use the Event Log to check when children arrive home from school - see when the alarm was armed & disarmed by your child's personal PIN.
Monitor home temperatures while you're away to prevent frozen pipes and expensive damage.
Check the status of burglar, fire, and flood alarms whenever you want.
Free App available for iPhone and Android smartphones. Only available with Pro Premium alarm monitoring plan.

Instant Power is Yours with Instant Alerts

Know what's happening the instant it happens. Instant Alerts bring you real-time knowledge of arm/disarm notifications, alarm trigger alerts, Secret! Alerts, power outage notifications...and more!

They're completely customizable—so you can choose which kinds of alerts you want to receive and how you want to get them! Plus—you can make sure customizable alerts reach the people that matter most. So you can loop your spouse, your kids and more into your home's security.

Get alerted whenever there's a leak, freezing temperatures, or just when Mom comes home.

SimpliSafe Instant Alerts

Discover Who's Been Sneaking Around Your Home

Family, guests, roommates, kids: our houses are full of people getting into places they don't always belong. Secret Alerts empower you to know everything that happens at home—like your own private eye.

These alerts tell you when a sensor is activated, without triggering an alarm. So you can secretly keep an eye on your closets, safes, liquor cabinets and more! Secret Alerts ensure that you always know the hidden activity in your home.

SimpliSafe Secret Alerts

Video Verified Alarms Lead To More Arrests

When there's an alarm, we'll do two things. Confirm it's real. Collect evidence. Police love this. It lets them know it's a) the real deal and b) in progress. Studies show it results in significantly higher arrest rates.

Video Verified Alarms lead to more arrests

Alarm triggered

Monitoring center receives 0:60 clip from your camera of the alarm event

Monitoring center spots intruder in camera recording

Police alerted to in-progress

Keep An Eye Over Your Home

Doesn't matter how many cameras you have. We'll record events from all of them, and store the footage for thirty days. Download, share it anytime. You can record on demand, and watch live anytime to make sure everything's safe at home.

keep an eye over your home

Smart Home Integrations

Amazon Alexa

Just say "Alexa, arm
SimpliSafe." It'll do the rest.

Apple watch

Use your Apple Watch to arm or disarm your system anywhere.

Google Assistant

Use Google Assistant to arm your system or check the system's status.

Are you sure?

Try a free month of professional monitoring. You'll save money on your system today and there's no contract - cancel or change your plan any time. Without monitoring, you'll miss out on the discount and will be responsible for handling any sort of emergency without the help of the Pros.

choose Pro Premium plan skip anyway

Are you sure?

With Pro Monitoring, you won't get the discount on your system today. With Pro Premium Monitoring, you'll get the discount plus more - like video verification, unlimited camera recording and app control. The first month is free and there's no contract - cancel or change your plan any time.

choose Pro Premium plan Pro plan, please

Pro Premium Monitoring

Our elite service. Our professionals monitor your home. Anything happens, we'll call you and dispatch the authorities.

  • 24/7 Live Alarm Monitoring
  • Police & Fire Dispatch
  • Built-in Cellular Connection
  • Environmental (Water & Temperature) Monitoring
  • Video Alarm Verification
  • Unlimited Camera Recording
  • Arm/Disarm from Anywhere
  • Advanced Phone Alerts
  • Secret Alerts
  • Smart Home Integrations

66p per day / £19.99 per month No Contracts, cancel anytime.

Pick Your System Price

£199.18 (You save 20%) Includes video verification that can confirm a break-in or fire in real time. Plus, police dispatch and 24/7 alerts. The first month is free. And there's no contract, so cancel any time. See details.
£248.97 Full Price
£248.97 VAT included
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Entry Sensor i
Protects your doors and windows. Works with any door or window. Stop burglars where they break in most. Front and back doors and first floor windows. For rooms with 3 or more windows, consider a motion sensor instead.
£ 14.99 each
Motion Sensor i
Covers an entire room. Get at least one for a main room or hallway. Gets along great with pets. Get one to protect rooms on the ground level with 3 or more windows. Skip getting entry sensors for these windows.
£ 29.99 each
Extra Keypad (Cloud) i
An extra keypad for garage door entrances, back doors or upper levels of your home. No power needed. Don't buy this now. Your SimpliSafe comes with one already. If you want more later, it’s easy to add them.
£ 69.99 each
Key Fob (Obsidian) i
Works just like your car’s key fob. Press a button and your system’s disarmed before you enter your house. Consider getting one for anyone who might forget their PIN code.
£ 24.99 each
Water Sensor i
Detects leaks and potential floods, so you can stop water damage before it happens. Place it close to common household water sources. Your sinks, toilets and water heaters.
£ 19.99 each
Smoke Detector i
Triggers when a fire's still smouldering—before a full fire breaks out. Loud system-wide sirens jolt you awake and out of the house. Get one for your sleeping areas. Place one in every bedroom for more security.
£ 29.99 each
Panic Button i
If you're at home during an intrusion, press this to trigger your alarm and alert our monitoring centre. Place one in your master bedroom for easy access.
£ 19.99 each
Glassbreak Sensor i
Perfectly calibrated. Picks up the sound of a smashed windows. Not smashed plates. A power combo when you use it with a motion sensor. Put it in a room with lots of windows or sliding doors.
£ 34.99 each
Temperature Sensor i
Triggers if your home drops below 5°C, so you can stop pipes from freezing and bursting. Place it near your thermostat in vacation homes and climate-controlled rooms.
£ 29.99 each
105dB Siren i
About as loud as a Led Zeppelin concert in '72. Place it inside or outside the house. Get one. It’ll scare the pants off burglars and alert neighbours to a break-in.
£ 59.99 each
SimpliCam i
See what’s happening at home anytime from your phone, tablet or computer. Get alerts when your camera detects motion. Place your camera in a main hallway or room that sees a lot of foot traffic.
£ 49.00 each
23cm x 28cm Yard Sign i
Homes without security systems are 3x more likely to be robbed. Let intruders know who’s boss. One comes free with your system. Get more if you live on a corner or have a huge lawn.
£ 3.99 each
System Total:
+ 20% Off with Pro Premium Monitoring:
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The Foundation
in your home

Apartment Floor Plans

    If someone tries to break in, your
    Base Station alerts our monitoring
    centre, then sounds a loud 95dB siren.


    It doesn’t need to be plugged in, so
    you can place it anywhere you like.
    We recommend by the front door.


    We use the entry sensors to guard the
    front and back door, plus two large and
    easily accessed ground floor windows.


    SimpliCam is calibrated to detect the unique
    heat signature of humans. That, along with
    night vision and a 120° field of view, means
    even the stealthiest thief doesn’t stand a chance.


Open box.
Start Protecting.

Anyone can set up SimpliSafe in just a
few minutes. No drilling. No tools. Just
plug in the Base Station, place your
sensors, and start protecting your home.

Base Station

Built for the

Real home security prepares for
the worst. So we built backups.
And backups for those backups.

Lights up when the sun's down

The all new touch-to-wake keypad. Lights up when you need to see it. Goes dark when you don't. It doesn't need power, just a good place to put it.

Less markup.
More security.

A common misconception: the more you pay,
the more you get. But the truth is you’re
paying for more markup. Not more security.

You shouldn't have to pay more so we can do less.
We cut out the middlemen, so you get award-winning
protection at fair and honest prices.

SimpliSafe Savings

* Price comparison of leading national home security provider’s mid tier monitoring plan vs. SimpliSafe Standard Plan as of 04/2020.

Detects Intruders, not pets.

Alarms that cry wolf? No thanks. We precision-engineered our motion sensors to detect the unique heat signature of humans. Not pets.

"One of the most comprehensive and
easy to configure home security systems
you're likely to come across."
"SimpliSafe - Most complete
security system for peace of mind."
"All the bells and whistles
for a lot less money."
"If you're looking for a DIY alarm system
that's simple to install and has pretty much
every aspect of your home security covered,
SimpliSafe is the ideal choice."
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