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Deter intruders and alert neighbours

The Bell Box's loud 105dB outdoor siren and flashing red LED light are designed to stop intruders in their tracks and let neighbours know there's a potential break-in at your home.

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Deter and alert

Loud siren and flashing red LED alert neighbours and others

24/7 monitoring MTS

Professional protection

Protected by professionals 24/7 for whole home protection


Built for the outdoors

Works in snow or rain from -25°C to 60°C

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Simple setup

Easy to setup, no professional installer needed

Sound the alarm

Visible day and night

The siren’s size, shape and bright visual light serve as a deterrent even when the alarm isn’t triggered. The dimensions of the Bell Box are 22 x 22 x 2.7 centimetres.

Long battery life

The siren’s replaceable battery lasts up to 12 months*. Your SimpliSafe security system will let you know when it needs changing. Ships with the 4 lithium batteries needed.

*Varies based on settings, placement, and usage

Customisable siren volume setting

With your Keypad and App, you can adjust the siren volume level of your Bell Box.

Protected by professionals, 24/7*

Designed to work with the SimpliSafe security system for around-the-clock whole home protection. If your alarm is triggered, the system alerts the 24/7 professional monitoring centre, ensuring fast emergency response.

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*Professional monitoring and emergency dispatch is available when you sign up for the Pro Premium monitoring plan.

Simple setup

No wiring needed. No professional installer needed. Follow the simple steps to connect the Bell Box to your SimpliSafe system and install it in a highly visible location from the street.

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