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Blanket your home with 24/7 security.

Wireless. Comprehensive. Easy to install. Our wide range of high-tech cameras and sensors protect your whole home 24/7 from break-ins, fires, floods and more. Watch the video

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Twice secured.

We doubled down with a built-in cellular connection. Then reinforced it with WiFi.

Rechargeable battery
Long range. Longer life.

Our sensors have huge range while conserving power so you rarely need to change batteries.

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Built to last.

SimpliSafe cameras automatically update software so you always have the latest technology.

Base Station

The brains of the system. Built with a 24-hour backup battery, so you’re always protected - even if it’s unplugged or the power goes out. Learn more.

Burglary Sensors

In case of a break-in, our wireless sensors cover your home with security. Sounding the alarm and notifying you immediately. With a monitoring plan, we are alerted and will dispatch police if there’s ever an emergency.


Alerts you when a door or window is opened. We recommend one for every ground-floor window and door. Learn more.


In case of an emergency, customize your Panic Button to send a silent or audible alarm to our monitoring center. Learn more.


Detects and identifies the distinct sound between a smashed window and smashed plate, sounding the alarm if there's a break-in. Learn more.


Your Base Station already has a 105dB siren. If there's a break-in, an extra siren can be used to really scare off intruders - or alert your neighbours. Learn more.

Motion Sensor

Alarms that cry wolf? No thanks. We precision-engineered our Motion Sensor to detect the unique signature of humans. Not pets. Designed for high-traffic areas like a hallway where an intruder would pass through. When motion is detected it sounds the alarm. Learn more.


Outdoor Camera

See everything outside your home. With a built-in spotlight and HDR imaging, you can see what’s happening in full colour — day or night. Learn more.

Indoor Camera

Watch what's happening inside your home from anywhere. Comes equipped with a unique mechanical shutter to protect your privacy. Learn more.

Hazard Sensors

Fires and floods can result in costly damages to your home. Our hazard sensors detect danger before any damage is done.


Triggers an alarm if your home drops below 5°C—preventing pipes from freezing or bursting. You can also set an upper limit to protect pets. Learn more.


Floods are one of the most expensive home insurance claims. Our Water Sensor triggers an alarm whenever it comes into contact with water. Learn more.


Sounds an alarm when smoke is detected. With a monitoring plan, we are notified and will dispatch the fire department immediately. Learn more.

Security Essentials

The Keypad

Entirely wireless and smash-safe. Arm and disarm in one click. If an intruder smashes the Keypad, we still get the alert so we can dispatch police. You can even customise the Panic Button to send a silent alarm. Learn more.

Key Fob

Works just like your car’s key fob. Arm and disarm your system with a push of a button. In case of an emergency, press the Panic Button to alert our monitoring centre. Learn more.

More Protection With Monitoring

Our award-winning 24/7 monitoring centre is always there—day and night. Ready to alert the police in case of an emergency. Plus, there’s no long-term contract.

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