A monitored alarm system. For keeping watch day and night.

What if you knew that—no matter where you were or what you were doing
—if there was a break-in at your home, someone would be there to dispatch the police? And not only that: they would call you right away, make sure you’re okay, and stay on the line until you were safe?

Meet SimpliSafe’s industry-leading professional monitoring.

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24/7 Protection

Our monitoring center is always available. Ready to dispatch help in any emergency

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Disaster Ready

We’ve got 6 monitoring centers. So if one goes down, you’re still covered.

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Confirmed Alerts

We send an alarm signal until the monitoring center confirms they got it.

Authorities alerted. Guaranteed.

Without professional monitoring, if someone enters your home, there’s no guarantee the police will be alerted. “Self-monitoring” makes you do all the work—but what if you’re in a meeting? Or you don’t hear the phone?

With SimpliSafe’s professional monitoring, we’ll alert the authorities the moment there’s trouble, guaranteed. Our monitoring specialists are trained to stay on the phone with you to make sure you are okay and provide updates as the police arrive on scene.

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From £12.99/month and No Contracts

How It Works

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    Sensor sends an alert
  • 2
    Security specialist calls you
  • 3
    Video confirms the break-in
  • 4
    Authorities respond quickly to verified alarms

“Alexa, arm SimpliSafe"

Arm your SimpliSafe system any time using your Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Watch and more.

Features at a Glance

Control From Anywhere

Arm your system from your phone.

Out the door in a hurry? Need to let Dad in while you’re out? No problem. Arm and disarm your system anywhere using your phone, tablet or computer.

Loved by experts—and over one million subscribers.

“the most reliable, with…consistent monitoring response times”


“SimpliSafe’s monitoring service contacted me promptly each time.”

PCMAG 4/6/20

“...reliable, comprehensive coverage at an outstanding value”

CNET 3/28/18

“the most comprehensive system… without being the most expensive”

THE VERGE 9/7/18

Less markup. More security.

A common misconception: the more you pay, the more you get. But the truth is you’re paying for more markup. Not more security.

You shouldn't have to pay more so we can do less. We cut out the technicians, so you get award-winning protection at fair and honest prices.

SimpliSafe Monitoring Plans

Our industry-leading monitoring plans keep your home protected 24/7. With industry-leading monitoring centres that are alerted immediately and dispatch help in case of an emergency.

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24/7 Live Alarm Monitoring

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24/7 Live Alarm Monitoring 24/7 Live Alarm Monitoring

Cellular Connection

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Cellular Connection Cellular Connection

Environmental Monitoring

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Environmental Monitoring Environmental Monitoring

Police & Fire Dispatch

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Police & Fire Dispatch

Mobile App: Arm/Disarm from Anywhere

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Mobile App: Arm/Disarm from Anywhere

Alerts Right On Your Phone

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Alerts Right On Your Phone

Secret Alerts

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Secret Alerts

Video Alarm Verification

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Video Alarm Verification

Unlimited Camera Recording

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Unlimited Camera Recording

Smart Home Integrations

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Smart Home Integrations
No Contracts. Cancel Any time.66p/day43p/day
60 Day Guarantee

Try It. Test It. Love It or Return It.

Test SimpliSafe in your home for 60 days. Your system arrives ready to work. No drilling or tools needed. If you aren’t 100% satisfied, return it for a full refund (we’ll even pay return shipping).

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Meet the System

Smart. Sleek. Secure. Our award-winning home security features a wide range of comprehensive cameras and sensors that protect your whole home 24/7.

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