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Crime in Leeds

Crime in Leeds

What's the level of crime in my area of Leeds?

Leeds is considered to be the largest economic powerhouse outside of London. It’s a legal and financial hub where people flock to from all over the country to live, work and study. With three universities it’s also home to one of the largest student populations in the whole country. But as Yorkshire’s biggest city, how do the figures for crime in Leeds look in reality?

There are people from all walks of life spread across the city. From the student centres of Headingley and Hyde Park to the more quiet suburban areas of Shadwell and Chapel Allerton, crime will affect everyone in Leeds. So make sure you stay abreast of the numbers and how to keep you and your family safe.

How Leeds crime stats compared nationally last year

Total Burglaries Bicycle Theft Other Theft Arson & Vandalism Anti-social Behaviour
London 22,989 1,723 975 11,441 1,055 7,795
Belfast 9,370 521 194 1,140 1,472 6,043
Nottingham 9,041 691 299 1,120 962 5,969
Bristol 7,876 549 730 1,201 984 4,412
Cardiff 7,322 627 656 1,124 981 3,934
Derby 6,242 408 342 793 805 3,894
Leicester 5,764 759 432 1,315 1,088 2,170
Sheffield 5,522 651 272 1,070 752 2,777
Birmingham 5,411 490 195 1,589 748 2,389
Leeds 5,071 651 374 1,588 802 1,656
Coventry 3,068 445 164 553 535 1,371
Liverpool 2,410 208 115 385 441 1,261
Newcastle 1,604 80 25 216 239 1,044
Manchester 175 2 34 127 12 0

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Create your own custom home security in minutes with our easy Build My System tool. Start with our three core components, then add sensors a la carte to meet your home's needs.

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The Bamburgh

Whole-home protection. Glassbreak sensors protect rooms with multiple windows and the extra siren will ensure intruders know they've been caught.

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  • No phone line needed
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The Essentials

Our most popular system. For good reason. It's got a motion sensor to catch anyone walking through a main passage, plus entry sensors to cover all your main entry points.

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  • 24/7 alarm monitoring
  • No phone line needed