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Crime in Liverpool

Crime in Liverpool

What's the level of crime in my area of Liverpool?

Crime affects the lives of millions of people across the country every year, so wherever you live, it’s essential that you stay up-to-date on the levels of crime in your area. Liverpool is a real up and coming city in the north of the UK, leading the way in the industries of medicine and science. For this reason, people will make their move to this vibrant northern city, students and workers alike. If you’re one of them, get wised up and have a clear view of the state of crime in Liverpool.

The wider county of Merseyside actually consists of five different boroughs; the city of Liverpool itself, Knowsley, St Helens, Sefton and Wirral. So whether you’re looking to move into a flat in the buzzing centre, or if you’ve already found your forever home in the suburbs, make sure you stay up to date with the Liverpool crime levels, including rates and the types that are most common.

How Liverpool crime stats compared nationally last year

Total Burglaries Bicycle Theft Other Theft Arson & Vandalism Anti-social Behaviour
London 20,162 1,342 1,016 8,713 1,038 8,053
Belfast 9,117 477 190 1,003 1,363 6,084
Nottingham 8,991 556 255 943 925 6,312
Bristol 7,685 512 783 1,058 1,004 4,328
Cardiff 7,548 567 616 956 961 4,448
Derby 6,055 386 323 738 839 3,769
Birmingham 5,390 449 207 1,338 742 2,654
Leicester 5,307 701 423 1,130 993 2,060
Sheffield 5,132 608 249 914 710 2,651
Leeds 4,493 565 368 1,190 763 1,607
Coventry 3,150 435 176 538 528 1,473
Liverpool 2,563 202 95 346 422 1,498
Newcastle 1,089 65 18 136 171 699
Manchester 159 4 28 115 11 1

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The Essentials

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