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New home. Same secure feeling.

We know how important keeping your home and belongings safe is during the exciting but sometimes stressful time of moving. That’s why we aim to make moving our DIY systems the easiest part.

Taking your system with you? Start by downloading our home movers guide which gives guidance on how to take your system with you.

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Planning to take us with you?

Contact us ahead of the move Your system should be the last thing you unplug and the first thing you plug back in! All you need to do when it's time to move is give our Security Experts a call on 0800-456-1789.

Your monitoring plan Our Security Experts will talk through your move dates and how to pause your current monitoring plan so that you’re protected up until the move.

Your personalised Movers Pack You’ll be offered a free, personalised Movers Pack that includes packaging and bags to keep your systems, sensors and accessories organised. Plus optional new adhesives, screws, and stickers!

Added extras for your new home Your system is designed to grow with you. Extra sensors, detectors or accessories can be added with ease - our security experts can carry out a walk through of your new home and offer you an exclusive home moving discount on any extras you need.

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Moving with your system

  • 1
    Packing up

    Gather all of the devices from around your home. Check how many are added to your system in the app or through the Keypad’s menu. Then pack them up with the materials provided in your Movers Pack. You can order one by calling 0800-456-1789.

  • 2
    Moving in

    Setting your system back up is simple. Just put your sensors back up the same way you did when you first installed your system, by adhering them to the wall using your replacement strips or mounting them with screws. Don’t forget to rename them!

  • 3
    Update system and account

    If your WiFi network has changed, you will need to reconnect your system and update everything through the Keypad or the app. When your monitoring reactivates you’ll need to update your address so we know where to dispatch help, should you need it.

Moving without your system

  • 1
    App camera removal

    Remove all cameras via the SimpliSafe app and call us to cancel your monitoring plan.

  • 2
    Reset the pin number

    Set your master pin number to 0000 and delete any unique user pin numbers. You can do this by turning the alarm to ‘off’; hold the menu and delete button until prompted to change the pin.

  • 3
    New owner instructions

    Leave a note for the new owners with the new master pin number and instructions to download the SimpliSafe app. They’ll be able to activate the system and cameras with a new customer account.

Home movers hub

Home movers checklist

Here you’ll find everything you need to remember when it comes to moving house, to help things go as smoothly as possible.

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Just moved?

Work your way through our handy checklist to help tick off anything you’ve missed when it comes to moving into your new home.

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Need help with your system whilst moving home?

You can contact our security experts on 0800-456-1789 or at to order your personalised movers pack, discuss your professional monitoring plan, order any extras or if you have any questions regarding your move. We’re here to help. 

Alternatively, you can start by downloading the home movers guide here:

Download guide

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