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Motion Sensors

A smarter way to detect motion

Detect intruders with our most accurate Motion Sensor yet. It's designed to tell the difference between people and pets, so if the alarm goes off, you can be confident it's real. With an improved range of 35 ft. and a 90º field of view, it protects an entire room from a single location.

SimpliSafe Motion Sensor Gen 2


  • Detects intruders with high-performance motion sensing

  • Knows the difference between people and pets (up to 27 kg.)

  • 90º field of view and 35 ft. range to protect entire room

  • Get fast phone alerts

  • Easy to set up in minutes

  • Place 6 feet above the floor for best performance

  • Adjust the sensitivity level using the Simplisafe® App

  • Battery lasts up to 4 years

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Frequently Asked Questions

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