5 ways to help your neighbours in Neighbours Week 2022

Posted June 14th, 2022 by SimpliSafe

Has neighbourly spirit become a thing of the past? Data taken from the Community Life Survey 2019/20 has revealed a gradual decline over the past five years - with drops seen in the number of people who chat to their neighbours at least once a month, as well as borrowing or exchanging favours with them. 

With further statistics uncovering that UK residents describe their neighbours as ‘strangers’, how can communities start making the change? Whether that’s knowing how to act and help others in a time of crisis (as we’ve recently experienced in the form of COVID-19), or if you’re simply looking to expand your friend circle, we’re here to share five ways you can help your neighbours. You never know, you may even have the favour returned one day. 

1) Set up a street group chat

Keep up with general street happenings, or be alerted when your neighbours are in need of help by setting up a group chat that everyone has access to. This could be on WhatsApp, or through a community Facebook page. Slip a note through everyone’s door that provides joining information, and once faces and names begin to emerge, encourage everyone to introduce themselves and get to know one another.

2) Bring a meal over

We’ve all ended up making way too much food than originally planned, so why let those leftovers go to waste? From hearty meals to tasty bakes, watch a smile appear on your neighbour’s face as you drop off a goody bag. If you’re lucky, you may one day find something similar left on your doorstep. 

3) Community projects

Being both a sociable activity and one that will benefit the community, launch your own project that others can get involved with. This could be a recycling programme, a big street cleanup, organising a community newsletter, or creating a peaceful shared garden for all to enjoy. All it takes is one person to step up and kickstart the process.

4) Drop off essentials

Particularly for those who live next door to elderly or vulnerable individuals, help them out by dropping off any essentials that they aren’t easily able to go out and get them alone. Whether that’s collecting prescriptions for them, or sending them a message when you’re doing a food shop to ask if they’d like anything, lending a helping hand goes a long way. 

5) Looking after their home when they’re away

From caring for pets, to ensuring that their home security won’t be compromised, offer to look after your neighbour’s place when they’re away. A home that appears to be empty is often an appealing target for criminals, so lessen the chances of a break in by completing tasks that make the house appear occupied; this could be taking the bins out, or closing/opening the blinds in the morning and evening. 

With the SimpliSafe home security system, you have the ability to set up extra PINs, to ensure that you have complete control over who enters and exits your home. Provide a trusted neighbour with their own PIN so that they can arm or disarm your security system if they need to, eradicating the risk of leaving a spare key in an unsafe place. 

Start customising your home security system today to ensure that your property can be accessed only by people you trust - whether that’s your neighbours, or otherwise. Have a chat with our team to see how we can help protect your property.