A Complete Christmas Home Security Checklist

Posted November 10th, 2023 by SimpliSafe

Make sure you can rest easy during the most wonderful time of the year, with the help of SimpliSafe's complete Christmas home security checklist.

Darker nights and colder weather present the perfect opportunity to close the curtains and cosy up inside. But it could also be alluring for a far more sinister reason. The cover of darkness - along with the knowledge that expensive gifts may soon be housed there - might bring those with ill intentions out of the woodwork, who are looking to take advantage of never-ending Christmas errands, empty houses, and unattended deliveries. 

While it’s important to prioritise home security all year round, don’t let the most wonderful time of the year take an unfortunate turn. Here’s a complete Christmas home security checklist to help safeguard your home during the festive period.

1. Make your home look lived-in 

We all know it gets darker earlier in the winter, but if you’re out running errands or just returning from work at your usual time, you may want to make sure your home look occupied even when it’s not. This can be done with timers for your lights - if they plug into a socket - or by using an Alexa or Google Home to control the bigger lights to turn on at specific times, or control them with your phone.

2. Let there be light

Speaking of lights, the outside area around your home can provide all sorts of nooks and crannies for would-be criminals to skulk in. You might have a high wall or hedge that provides cover during the hours of darkness. Whilst we’re not suggesting you cut down your hedge or knock down any walls for the festive season - as the height of them could also work in your favour - you can still take inspiration from your Christmas tree and light up every corner of your garden.

Motion-activated lights could be used to catch unwanted visitors, as the sudden appearance of brightness will discourage them from continuing. Don’t forget your back door, side entrances and driveways, too.

3. Look after packages 

Porch pirates may be rampant at this time of year because they know people will be ordering Christmas presents to their homes. Having an outdoor security camera or video doorbell is a great way to deter quick-fingered thieves, as well as providing crucial evidence should the worst happen. If you know you’re not going to be home for some deliveries, you could divert them to a trusted neighbour - ask first! - or a family member who will be home when you’re not.

4. Lock everything

It may sound simple, but taking the time to do a quick double-check of your doors and windows could make all the difference. Our lives get so busy at the best of times, and Christmas only adds to our to-do list. Forgetting to lock up or leaving a window ajar - even if you’re just nipping to the shops - provides exactly the kind of opportunity burglars may be looking for. Entry Sensors positioned on easily accessible doors and windows can ensure you have eyes on your property at all times, as an alarm will sound when the magnet moves more than two inches from the sensor. 

5. Garden and garage security 

With the colder weather, you may not be thinking about your outdoor furniture, lawn mower, or garden tools - but thieves might be. Your back garden can be just as much of an entry point into your home as the front door, so make sure you consider garden security, too.

If you have a garage or shed, use it to lock up outdoor tools, accessories and bikes - anything that could be of any value. Add these areas to your list of daily checks to ensure doors and windows are locked, and consider adding outdoor cameras just to man these areas.

6. Hide expensive items

Whether it’s gifts for someone special or items you have in your home anyway, consider taking a few extra steps to keep anything of value out of sight of prying eyes. Keep phones and tablets away from windows where they can be easily spotted, and make good use of curtains and blinds to shield TVs and gaming systems. Again, it may sound simple, but it only takes a glance of a big ticket item to potentially entice someone inside when they shouldn’t be there.

7. Speak to your neighbours

If you have friends or family close by or trusted neighbours, you could ask them if they wouldn’t mind keeping an eye on your home for you - especially if you’re going away for a few days. This could mean putting out the bins, taking in packages or turning lights on and off to give the illusion that someone is home. Or, if there is a Neighbourhood Watch scheme in your area, you might consider getting involved to gain and provide support this festive season. 

8. Arm your security system 

Heading out for a day of Christmas shopping or doing the school run? Don’t forget to arm your home security system. Even if you’re only going to be out for a short time, it could only take minutes for someone to gain entry to your home and make off with your valuables. The SimpliSafe home security system can be armed and disarmed with a PIN code on the Keypad or from the mobile app - where you can also visually monitor your cameras. For an extra layer of security this Christmas, professional monitoring can keep an eye on your home even when you’re not there.  

Whatever the season, protect your home all year round with SimpliSafe. Get in contact with our team to build your security system today or add more components and accessories to your system here