How good is your home’s security?

Posted October 19th, 2022 by SimpliSafe

Exactly how good is your home’s security? Optimise your current system today to ensure that your property is protected for years to come.

With a burglary reportedly taking place every 106 seconds in the UK, it’s crucial that homeowners do everything they can to optimise their property’s security. Whether you feel as though you’ve got all bases covered, or you’re looking for new ways to enhance your current security system, we’ll be highlighting all of the self-reflective questions you should be asking yourself to ensure maximum property protection. So, how good is your home’s security? Let’s find out…

How secure are your entrances?

If the entrances to your home - whether that’s windows or doors - have endured structural damage over time, this could seriously impact security. Broken locking mechanisms and cracked windows could allow for easier access, so make sure that any issues are fixed as soon as possible. 

Alongside ensuring that all windows and doors are locked securely before leaving the house, you could enhance security even further by equipping these with an Entry Sensor. In the instance that someone does try to break into your home, the Entry Sensor will be activated, causing a shrill alarm to sound. 

Similarly, a Glassbreak Sensor will also trigger an alarm if it detects the sound of glass being shattered, which will hopefully cause a burglar to flee the scene. 

Do you have outdoor lighting?

Outdoor lighting is another efficient crime deterrent, providing increased visibility during darker periods. It’s easy to understand why trespassers prefer their crimes to go unseen, so eradicate the chance of them getting away with it by installing motion-activated lighting, which will turn on automatically if movement is detected.   

Have you got outdoor and indoor CCTV?

Installing an Indoor Camera will allow you to keep an eye on your home 24/7, as you’ll be able to easily view any footage captured from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Equipped with intelligent smart motion sensors that are able to detect the unique heat signature of humans - to avoid the possibility of a pet triggering the system - you’ll receive an alert upon detection. 

Likewise, an Outdoor Camera also uses its advanced smart motion detectors to capture any suspicious activity that takes place around your property - whether that’s someone walking up your driveway, an attempted entrance into your shed, or trespassing in your garden. With a 140° ultra-wide field of view and a built-in spotlight to allow for clear 24/7 viewing, it won’t miss a thing. 

How tidy is your home? 

Maintaining the appearance of your home is another way to improve security. An overgrown garden will provide the perfect hiding place for a criminal, and a driveway cluttered with packaging waste may indicate that you’ve got expensive equipment inside your home, potentially luring a burglar inside. Therefore, try to keep your home as tidy as possible and stay on top of the clutter.

Do you keep your valuables hidden?

Leaving valuables in clear view could lure a burglar into your home, so make sure to keep them hidden - especially when you’re away. If items are too heavy to be stored in the garage, or too large to be kept in a safe, simply close the curtains or blinds for increased privacy. 

Have you got a family pet?

On top of equipping your home with an advanced security system, you could also rely on a furry friend to keep watch. Pets are brilliant for all sorts of reasons, but dogs especially are also great for helping to ward off intruders. Your home is likely to be seen as a less favourable target due to the increased visibility risk, with the possibility of a loud bark alerting those nearby to the scene.

Are you on a professional monitoring plan?

For those on our professional monitoring plan, you can ensure that your home is protected 24/7, regardless of where you are, or what you’re doing. In the instance that your alarm is triggered, our professional monitoring centre will receive an alert and dispatch the police if they can visually verify an incident on one of your security cameras. 

Keen to enhance your home’s security? Get in contact with our team today to start building your security system in a way that best suits your set-up.