Is professional monitoring right for me?

Posted November 11th, 2021 by SimpliSafe

Are you looking to update your home security, but not sure what’s out there or right for you? We’ve got the guide to smarter home security right here with a breakdown of how exactly a professionally monitored alarm system works. 

What is professional monitoring?

In a nutshell, it’s 24/7 protection with the aid of a professional monitoring centre. If there’s ever a break-in, the team at the professional monitoring centre are there to request police dispatch on your behalf. So someone will also be there to call you to check if you’re ok and can call the right emergency services for you. 

What kind of property does professional monitoring suit?

The simple answer is any kind. It doesn’t matter what type of property you have, alarm monitoring works very effectively. But of course, where there are larger homes or where there’s outbuildings, having a system like this in place can increase security tenfold. Knowing that wherever you are, that even if a break-in was to occur in an outbuilding, the 24/7 professional monitoring centre will be there to verify - through an indoor security camera - and will check in with you and can contact police for you.

Who would benefit the most from professional monitoring?

Again, due to the total efficiency of the system, it really is beneficial for everyone - anyone who wants top-level home security, basically. But in particular, the system is perfect for those who are away from their home a lot. Whether you’re constantly on business trips, love to vacation, or a social butterfly, you can have more peace of mind knowing that even when you’re away (and even if your phone battery dies), your home will still be protected and checked by security specialists in a professional monitoring centre. It’s also a brilliant system for those with more than one property or with houses that are vacant for long periods of time. 

So how does this system work exactly?

  • As you can use the app on a smartphone, tablet and computer, you can get confirmed alerts of any break-in detection. 

  • Once the system is triggered, the Base Station will sound its siren and send an alarm signal to the professional monitoring centre, continuing to send until the centre confirms they have received it.

  • Security specialists from the monitoring centre can then access up to 15 minutes of live security camera footage to verify any break-ins before dispatching the authorities. They will also call you to check for a false alarm and to make sure you’re ok, and they will stay on the line to provide updates. 

  • What if you can’t get to the phone? One of the security experts will call your keyholders, but once an incident is visually verified via the indoor camera, the authorities will be alerted.

Features of 24/7 monitoring for the home

  • Smart home integration with Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Watch 

  • Unlimited video recording

  • No long-term contracts needed with cancellation anytime

  • 1080p HD video

  • Receive a call in an alarm event

  • Add keyholders such as family members or neighbours who can be contacted if you aren’t available

  • You can give guests passcodes, and monitor and control when guests have access to your home

  • In the event of a power cut, the back up sim kicks in so you’re never going without

  • Look at an event timeline through the app

  • There’s also secret alerts. You can get private non-alarm notifications whenever someone opens a safe, drawer, or cupboard they shouldn’t when the right sensors are in place

  • Police and fire dispatch so your home can rely on 24/7 protection in any emergency

  • Video alarm verification

How can I show I have home security monitoring?

Make those burglars think twice before attempting a break-in, by having a deterrent in place. A simple sign showing you have a SimpliSafe system is effective. You can use a yard sign or window decal to warn any passers-by. The new Wireless Outdoor Security Camera is also great to be used as a deterrent as well as catch evidence. 

Burglary deterrent tips

Other effective deterrents you should consider:

Motion sensor lights

Outdoor lighting is a smart idea, too. One thing burglars and trespassers are not a fan of is being put under the spotlight. And with motion sensor lights, you can save energy by highlighting only when movement is detected.   

Driveway gates

Consider driveway gates, or if your property isn’t suited for them, a front gate. The more barriers you put in place, the better. And these days, you can get smart automation with your driveway gates, along with high-quality access control. Using video or voice intercoms, you can manage who gets access onto your property safely. 

A well-kempt garden

Appearance is everything. You’d be surprised what a looked-after garden and exterior can do. If you give off the impression that you take care of your home, then those prying eyes may think twice about marking your property, as they’ll get the impression you’ll have good home security in place too. Also, you may consider neat hedges to give your home more privacy.

Being part of a neighborhood watch scheme

If you aren’t already a part of one, you may want to set up a neighbourhood watch scheme, especially if you have a good relationship with your neighbours. And if you don’t have a great rapport with them, well, then you may want to read our guide on how to be a good neighbour. One simple thing you can do is set up a WhatsApp group to share crime-prevention ideas, updates or any suspicious activity.    

If you’re in need of a home security update and want to find out what systems we can do for you, contact SimpliSafe today.