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Stay safe in summer with outdoor home security

Posted June 15th, 2021 by SimpliSafe

Stay safe in summer with outdoor home security

Stay safe in summer with outdoor home security

Whether you’re having a home BBQ, a garden party, or just taking some time out to relax on your brand new outdoor garden furniture, make sure you have safety and security in mind. When the temperature rises and more time is spent outdoors, we show you how to stay safe in summer by utilising outdoor home security

The outdoor security camera

Both indoor and outdoor security cameras can intelligently link to a smart security app to alert you to any break-ins, or for you to check in on relatives if you’re upstairs or out and about. If you’re indoors but the children are playing out in the garden, you can monitor them through the outdoor security camera, so you can always keep a close eye on them. You’ll never need to worry about the weather either, as the outdoor camera is built with weather-resistant features. It will still work in snow and rain, as well as in the temperature range of -29 to 45 degrees celsius. You won’t need to worry about dust and water damage either, as it comes complete with IP65 dust and water resistance.  

Home and Away modes

With ‘Home’ and ‘Away’ modes, you can customise your sensors depending on what you’re up to. So if you’re in the garden with the family and plan to spend all day or the evening there, you can set your security system to only arm certain sensors in rooms that are vacant to help tackle sneak-in burglaries. This way, you can have more peace of mind knowing you’ll be instantly alerted if a burglar attempts a break-in when you’re occupied in the garden (especially if there’s loud music and a lot going on). 

Smart sensors

The security sensors you can integrate into your home security system are incredibly smart. The Entry Sensor will alert you on the app immediately if any door or window is opened. If you’re out in the garden for a long time, you can set it to detect any suspicious openings. Even if you’re indoors listening to music with headphones in, or not at home, you can be alerted through the app if on a professional monitoring plan or by a siren to any shattered glass with a Glassbreak Sensor; this clever sensor detects the distinct sound of glass and triggers an alarm.

Driveway gates and privacy

Driveway gates are also a highly effective home security solution, especially for children and pets playing in the front garden. They can give more privacy and security to keep your family safe outdoors and can also be integrated with gate access control technology and video intercoms. In addition to driveway gates, you can also use hedges to increase your outdoor security and privacy. By having tall hedges, you can keep prying eyes or those driving by doing their quick scans off your home and indoor valuables. Never underestimate improving your garden security!

Shed and garage security

Don’t forget about your outbuildings when it comes to outdoor home security. Cameras can be installed on the outside or inside of your sheds and garages to deter thieves as well as capture vital evidence. A motion sensor can be placed inside to detect the unique heat signature of humans to trigger an alarm and alert you straight away of any break-ins. For more, see our tips on how to make a garage door more secure

Front-facing security

Place a security camera at your front door to see who’s visiting or to look out for any trespassers. The camera, along with motion sensor lights will help deter any burglars or unwanted visitors. Having a well-positioned security camera on the front of your property can also help with capturing any street crime or accidents. Don’t forget your yard sign and window decals to warn off would-be burglars, too.

For any help with choosing the right smart home security system for your property, contact our friendly, expert team today.

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