A guide to panic buttons

Posted December 30th, 2022 by SimpliSafe

Send for help in an instant with the SimpliSafe Panic Button. Unsure how to use one? This is our comprehensive guide to panic buttons.

What is a panic button?

A Panic Button is a security enhancing device used in an emergency scenario, whereby the user can activate their home alarm with a simple press. With statistics revealing that a burglary occurs roughly every 106 seconds in the UK - many of which occur when a person is inside their home - it’s essential that homeowners are able to receive help quickly and efficiently. Where break-ins are concerned, the quicker you react, the more likely you are to avoid potentially devastating, long-term consequences. 

How does a Panic Button work?

Your Panic Button will allow you to activate your alarm from anywhere in the home, meaning that you’ll get help quick, without risk of drawing attention to yourself. As your Panic Button is connected wirelessly to your Base Station, pressing the button will immediately activate your home alarm - enabling you to get help discreetly, but quickly. 

When you sign up for our Pro Premium professional monitoring service, a member of our 24/7 monitoring centre will give you a call to confirm your safety after the trigger has been received. If they’re unable to get through to you, or you can’t provide your ‘safe word’, they’ll be able to verify an emergency by reviewing the captured footage on your SimpliCam. If they can see that you are in danger, they’ll contact the local authorities immediately.

How do you install your Panic Button?

The SimpliSafe Panic Button is a wireless device, making it especially easy to set up. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Use the self-adhesive tape on the back to adhere it to the wall (just hold it in place for 30 seconds) or use the screws provided if that would be preferred. 

  • Press and hold the “panic” button for 30 seconds to pair it to the system and choose a name on the Keypad.

  • You can test or trigger the alarm by simply holding the “panic” button down for two seconds, causing the red LED in the corner to flash. Once you see this, you’ll know that your Panic Button is ready for when you need it. 

Where should you put a Panic Button?

You can install your Panic Button just about anywhere in your home, with some of the most common places being in the bedroom, next to the bed - either on the wall, or on a bedside table - in a home office, in the lounge, or even in a cupboard in the bathroom. The best way to choose the most appropriate room is to evaluate which one you are likely to spend the most time in on your own, so that you can easily receive help in an emergency. The Panic Button is easy to mount - wherever the location - so the choice is yours to make. 

What are the benefits of a Panic Button?

As with the entirety of the SimpliSafe collection, you’ll have a say in how you want your Panic Button to operate. Regardless of whether you want it to activate your alarm silently or audibly, or if you’re looking for an additional layer of protection by pairing it with our 24/7 professional monitoring service, you can build the best security solution for your home. Plus, with the device being so easy to mount, install and activate, you can set yours up in any room, without wasting time. Boasting an impressive five to 10 years of battery life, this safety enhancing security device will protect you and your family for years to come. 

Also, the Keypad and Key Fob also feature a panic button - you’ll find this as the red button on the top. 

Want to get the most out of your SimpliSafe home security system? Why not explore through our extensive range of Alarm Sensors to find the protective solution that best suits your living environment? Contact our team today to start building yours.