Home renovations with security in mind

Posted January 12th, 2022 by SimpliSafe

Planning some home renovations? There's a lot to think about, including your home security. We show you what to consider to keep your home safe.

Whether you’re updating your home with simple renovations, having a full makeover or you’re still in the planning phase, how considerate are you of your home’s security during the process? Not just a passing thought, as in fully factoring in the possible weaknesses? You may be having the whole ground floor transformed with a new kitchen and a wall coming down, and so you might stay away until the project is finished. When going through home renovations, we have a few home security tips to help keep your home and valuables safe and protected.

Have eyes even when you’re not there

If you haven’t already got them, now would be the perfect time to install CCTV and home security cameras. You can get indoor ones as well as outdoor security cameras. Where is the best place to put security cameras? When placing them indoors, use shelves for a good vantage point. The hallway, living room and kitchen are all essential places to capture any intruders. Use outdoor cameras to keep an eye on outbuildings, like the shed and garage, and to cover your driveway and gardens.

If you have any rooms that don’t need renovating and are full of valuables or sentimental items, you could place cameras in them too, as well as motion sensors to pick up movement and entry sensors on the doors. If any of the sensors are triggered, you will be alerted right away through an integrated app.     

Setting up a home security system before a makeover

If you are planning a home makeover, make sure you’ve done your research on home security systems first, deciding which you’d prefer: wireless alarm systems vs wired systems. With a wireless system like SimpliSafe’s, you can set it up yourself in less than an hour, just place all your connected devices, like cameras and alarm sensors, in convenient locations. 

What devices can you connect to a home security system?

With a smart home security system, you can connect and control a number of intelligent devices and sensors through your mobile, computer or tablet. For instance, with the SimpliSafe app you can arm and disarm the system from wherever you are and control a range of sensors such as Motion Sensors, Entry Sensors and Temperature Sensors, as well as view live camera feeds, or look back through footage and any events on an updated timeline. 

You could have a sensor on a certain cupboard that’s off limits and if it’s been opened, you can get instant notifications to alert you. This is ideal for when you have to be away from the home for long periods of time and are leaving it in the hands of renovators. If they’re opening drawers and cupboards, being snoopy, you can nip that in the bud, or better yet, let them know from the start what clever sensors you have to deter any prying.   

Lock away valuables

If you’re staying at a relative’s or friend’s house whilst renovations are happening, you may want to take some valuables with you, especially your most prized possessions. Or you can keep some things locked up in the garage, shed, vehicle or storage unit, knowing that they’ll be out of sight from any workers in your home. If some things are just hard to move and need to stay put, you can still have peace of mind knowing you can use a smart, reliable home security system to keep an eye on things. If you have a room off bounds with expensive valuables in, that doesn’t need any renovation, you can place a motion sensor that can instantly detect any movement that will notify you, capturing any potential theft. 

Security for window and door renovations

If you are renovating any windows and doors, then you need to be extra cautious. Composite doors offer a strong barrier and when you are refurbishing, you could invest in a security bar to add a robust layer of protection. This is a great idea if you think the outdoors may attract burglars because of any obvious signs of renovations. Good luck to intruders wanting to break in through the door with a security bar on the other side of it. Don’t forget about those entry sensors, and place them on all your windows and doors. You can also get a glassbreak sensor to detect any shattered windows, alerting you through the app and triggering an alarm. 

24/7 professional monitoring

Particularly effective for the nights when you’re away, or even if you're asleep inside upstairs, professional monitoring is where security specialists from a professional monitoring centre will get straight on the phone to you if a sensor is triggered and check you’re ok. They will use the cameras to visually verify any break-ins and request police or fire service dispatch depending on the incident. 

Additional home security features

Depending on your set-up, you may need to inform your home security company when you are having work done in the home. This is because it may need extra sensors or some may need to be removed. If you’re having an extension, for example, you may need them to add more devices to cover the area. If there are vibration alarms fitted to windows and doors, then obviously this can cause a problem as they will sound if people open them, so you may need to tweak your system to accommodate. This is where smart systems are easier to manage because you can just simply pick up and move your sensors and devices around and either take some away or add more. All you need to do is connect them to the base system.  

Don’t forget about your neighbours

If you haven’t got a strong relationship with your neighbours, we can help you with that with our guide on how to be a good neighbour. The sooner you can begin conversations and connections, the better, and then you can build a safer community where people are open with each other about concerns and issues surrounding home security and neighbourhood crime. You can use the Crime in the UK tool to see which types of crime are prevalent in your area and share with neighbours on a group chat on what to look out for. And if you are lucky enough to have a brilliant relationship with your neighbours, you can ask them to check in on things too when you’re away and to be on high alert to spot any suspicious activity from renovators. 

Deter with signs

If you have a security system in place, especially a smart one, don’t forget to let everyone know about it. With SimpliSafe for instance, you can get Yard Signs and Window Decals to work as an effective deterrent, as well as the new Outdoor Camera. It’s also a great way to tell any home renovators what you have in place without having to directly warn them. 

If a smart security system sounds perfect for your home, contact us at SimpliSafe to see which one would work best for you and your renovation plans.