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Your ultimate going on holiday checklist

We all hoped summer 2021 would be a little different and we could get abroad this year. Having that first holiday drink in the airport. Stepping off the plane into that glorious sunshine. Relaxing on the beach. It’s the type of break we were hoping for.

If you’re lucky enough to be going to one of the government approved holiday destinations, make things a little (or a lot) easier for you and your family by following the SimpliSafe ultimate going on holiday checklist. It’s got everything to consider for a safe home and smooth travels. Make sure you also follow all the government travel guidelines, which can be found here.

When you book your holiday

  • Check everyone’s passports are still valid. Remember that you must have at least six months left on your passport to travel abroad
  • Check if you need visas and apply for them well in advance
  • Do you need jabs or vaccinations? Get these booked in with your doctor. You can find out more about getting travel vaccines here
  • Take out travel insurance, enough for everyone in your party and to cover your trip
  • Do you have pets? Make sure they have someone to look after them while you’re away
  • Order currency well in advance. Some currencies cannot be done in person and have to be ordered online
  • The week before you travel

  • Email yourself all travel documentation, such as insurance, so you have additional copies to hand
  • If you are going to be using your bank card abroad, either inform your bank that some different transactions may pop up, or check that your card is eligible to be used abroad
  • Print boarding passes and store them with passports
  • Do you know how you’re getting to and from the airport? Either book transport there and back or arrange airport parking and/or overnight accommodation
  • Let your family know where you will be staying at each stage of your journey and give them your contact details
  • Be aware of your journey plan and timings
  • The day before you travel

  • Clean your house. It may sound like a troublesome and unnecessary task, but do you really want to come home to mess and dust after a day of travelling?
  • Empty your indoor bins. So simple, but again do you want to come home to rotting rubbish?
  • Make sure there’s no wet laundry left in your washing machine
  • Water your plants. Give them a good drink before you go away. If you’re going away for a long period of time, maybe ask your visiting friends or relatives if they can do it for you
  • If you are using timers for your lights, set them up now
  • Set your heating on a timer to only kick in for a short period or only if the house reaches a certain low temperature
  • Double check your journey times and arrangements
  • Put petrol in your car if necessary
  • Safety and security

  • Ensure that all doors and windows are fully locked. This may sound like something so simple; “of course I’ll lock my windows and doors,” we bet you’re thinking. But most burglars are opportunists and will try doors and windows on the off-chance that one has been left open. Don’t make it easy for them!
  • As you leave, make sure your home security system is fully armed and that your sensors and cameras are positioned exactly where you want them.
  • Is a system in place ready to deal with potential intruders while you’re not there? To monitor your home when it’s empty, a professional monitoring system is perfect. It monitors for intruders and contacts you if the alarm sounds, and because you’re not there, they will dispatch police to check on your home if a situation has been confirmed
  • Have you given spare keys to friends and family that you trust so they can check on your home? Speaking of keys, make sure you don’t have any spare hidden about that are easy to find e.g. fake rocks or under plant pots
  • Consider setting up timers for your light switches
  • The day you travel

  • Re-check all your travel documents are present and correct including passports, visas and insurance documents
  • Turn off unnecessary plugs and appliances
  • Lock all your doors and windows and have someone double check
  • Arm your home security system
  • This checklist may not remind you to pack your sunglasses and swimming costume, but it does outline everything you need to remember when it comes to your home. While you’re away, give yourself complete peace of mind that you’re coming back to a safe and secure space.