How to secure your home when you’re on holiday

Posted May 23rd, 2022 by SimpliSafe

One of the best things about jetting off on holiday is being able to completely unwind, creating the opportunity to disconnect and destress. So you can put any worry to rest whilst you enjoy your well-deserved break, make sure that your home is efficiently secured and protected before you leave. This way, you’ll be less likely to come back to any nasty surprises. Read on as we uncover how to secure your home when you’re on holiday. 

Lock all entrances to your home

This one may sound obvious, but the excitement of going on holiday can sometimes lead homeowners to forget the basics. Always make sure that you’re locking all entrances to your home before leaving - whether these are windows or doors - equipping these with an Entry Sensor for an added layer of protection. This sensor will be able to detect when a door or window opens, and if this does happen, an alarm will sound. 

For those on the SimpliSafe Pro Premium professional monitoring plan, our monitoring centre will be alerted when your alarm is activated. They’ll be able to visually verify whether someone has broken into your home by checking your Indoor Camera, then immediately alerting the local authorities if needed. This way, you can be sure that there are professionals who can act quickly in an emergency whilst you’re on holiday. 

Make your home appear occupied

Unfortunately, a house that appears to be empty could be the perfect target for burglars, so try to give the impression that it’s occupied. To minimise this risk, you could leave your house key with a trusted neighbour, who’ll be able to tend to your bins or deal with any post that’s piling up - as examples. In the case that you will have multiple people entering your home whilst you’re on holiday, the SimpliSafe security system enables the user to set up extra PINs; this way, they’ll be able to arm and disarm your system with ease.

Keep valuables out of view

Whilst you’re away enjoying clear blue skies and warm seas, don’t leave your valuables in plain view. Lock any expensive outdoor equipment away securely in your shed, or you could use a safe or attic to keep other valuables hidden. For bulkier items that can’t easily be moved, such as monitors or a TV, keep your blinds closed to prevent anyone from peeking inside. Looking for additional ways to make your home more private? Check out our previous blog post for more information. 

Set-up your alarm system

Investing in a home security system is a surefire way to heighten protection, so ensure that yours is set-up before leaving - whether this be heading off on holiday, or even popping out to the shops. With the opportunity to custom build your system, alongside choosing whether to equip yours with a range of additional accessories to heighten your home’s security, you can design something that best suits your property and requirements. 

Refrain from posting on social media 

Finally, try to refrain from posting about your holiday on social media - at least not until you get back. You can never trust all of your followers, and all it takes is one person to acknowledge that your home has been left unattended - which could lead to them breaking in. Although this is the absolute worst case scenario, there’s no harm in being extra cautious to ensure that nothing ruins your time away. Alternatively, make sure your social media profiles are private and only your nearest and dearest can see what you’re posting.

Keen to know more about the SimpliSafe home security system, and how it can protect your home when you’re away? Get in contact with our team today to start building yours.