Home security for the hybrid worker

Posted January 27th, 2023 by SimpliSafe

Hybrid working means that some days you may be at home, and other times in the office. Although it’s a modern and flexible way to work, hybrid workers may face some extra security concerns. Fortunately, there are plenty of preventative measures that you can take to protect your home whilst hybrid working. Keep reading for the advice you need to know.

Install a home security system

A home security system is the best way to protect your home and belongings whether you’re in or out of the house. A full, comprehensive home security system that comes with professional monitoring can alert both you and our monitoring centre to potential threats. However, if you have specific concerns, there is other security equipment available.

Outdoor cameras

Outdoor cameras do two jobs: they deter people from breaking in, and they can provide evidence of a crime. For those days that you’re out of the house, outdoor cameras can reliably watch over your property’s exterior for you. This lets criminals know that there’s someone watching, and that they won’t get away with stealing or damaging your property. Plus, if you’re working from the office, you’ll be able to watch what’s going on around your home through your smartphone. This means you know exactly who’s outside your home - from parcel deliveries to loiterers.

Indoor cameras

Want to see what’s happening inside your home when you’re not in? An indoor camera lets you check that everything is in order, and can help you to keep an eye on indoor pets. When working out of the house, quickly checking your phone will provide some extra peace of mind and let you get your work done worry free. 

Indoor cameras are also extremely helpful for recording footage of a crime, as criminals may not be expecting cameras inside, or will likely get closer than they would to outdoor cameras. This makes it easier to identify a perpetrator, and is also great evidence for insurance claims.

Video doorbell

Lots of households are choosing to invest in a Video Doorbell for their front door. They’re helpful for alerting you to visitors at your front door, wherever you may be. During an important online meeting when working from home, a Video Doorbell lets you check whether you need to answer the door right at that moment. Or, you can speak to people at your front door from out of the house. This is helpful for giving instructions to delivery drivers, or letting wrongdoers know that you’re watching.

Panic button

If you want to feel extra safe when working from home, having a Panic Button gives you a quick, effective way to call for help without needing a phone. If someone breaks in while you’re home, or you find yourself in a dangerous situation, it takes seconds to trigger your Panic Button. This will send out a silent or audible alarm, and alert the authorities if you don’t confirm that you’re safe - when coupled with professional monitoring. A Panic Button is best placed where you spend the most time; when working from home, it’s a good idea to have it easily accessible from your workstation.

Use a VPN

Physical security aside, it’s important to protect your personal data and information. Using a trusted VPN means that your network will be safely encrypted, reducing the risk of hackers gaining access to your information. This is especially important when working from home, as you don’t want to be responsible for a data leak or hack that negatively impacts your company. Luckily, a VPN keeps all of your browsing history private and protects you from spying eyes or malicious hackers. 

Be wary of scams

If you answer lots of emails as part of your work, you may be more likely to receive phishing emails. Be careful to verify that emails are from a trusted sender and don’t click on any links that look suspicious. Even if an email is from a colleague, if it seems dodgy it’s best to double-check that they haven’t been hacked before interacting with any links or documents. Read our blog post for in-depth advice about how to avoid common scams.

A SimpliSafe home security system ensures that your home is protected no matter where you are. Whether you work from home or elsewhere, rest assured that you’ll know what’s happening in your home 24/7. Contact us to find out more.