How to secure your home during the school summer holidays

Posted July 31st, 2023 by SimpliSafe

The school summer holidays are great fun, but they don't come without their dangers. Learn how to secure your home during the school holidays with SimpliSafe.

The school summer holidays are a time for kids to have fun, explore, and create lasting memories. However, it's also a time when parents might be paying extra attention to both their children's safety and the security of their homes. Whether you're planning a trip away or simply enjoying some downtime at home, incorporating safety measures into your summer routine can bring peace of mind and ensure a worry-free holiday for everyone. In this blog post, we'll explore some tips can use to help secure your home during the school summer holidays.

1. Install a home security system

One of the most effective ways to enhance the security of your home during the school summer holidays is by installing a reliable Home Security System. Having a home security system in place not only deters potential intruders but also helps protect your children and loved ones from any unforeseen dangers. 

With 24/7 professional monitoring and state-of-the-art security measures, a home security system is one of the best ways to protect your home during the summer holidays, no matter where you are. By incorporating a home security system into your summer safety plan, you can rest assured that your home is well-protected while you enjoy quality time with your family during the school summer holidays.

2. Lock all doors and windows

Before embarking on your summer adventures, ensure all doors and windows in your home are securely locked. Consider installing Entry Sensors and Motion Sensors for added protection and peace of mind. You could also teach your children about the importance of keeping doors and windows locked when they leave or go to bed, instilling a sense of responsibility for home security over the holidays and during term time.

3. Childproof your home

Teaching your kids about home safety will ensure they become aware of the dangers that can arise if they aren’t careful. However, accidents can happen, especially when kids are full of energy and curiosity after finishing school. 

Childproof your home by using safety gates to prevent access to staircases, securing heavy furniture to walls to avoid tip-overs, and keeping small objects out of reach to reduce choking hazards. Childproofing creates a safe environment for children to explore and play freely. You can even make use of Indoor Cameras to provide 24/7 access to what your children are doing in the home. With an indoor camera, you can enjoy your time in a separate room to your children whilst still knowing that they’re playing safely.

4. Use timers for lights and electronics

When you're away, set timers on indoor and outdoor lights to give the illusion that someone is home. This can act as a deterrent to potential burglars. If you own a home security system, you can also enable scheduled arming. This means you can ensure your home is protected whilst you’re away on holiday or simply out for the day.

5. Supervise outdoor play

Outdoor play is an excellent way for kids to stay active and enjoy the summer sunshine. However, it's crucial to supervise children while they play outside. Designate safe play areas within your property and set boundaries to keep kids away from potential hazards like busy streets or unfenced pools. You can even utilise Outdoor Cameras to keep an eye on your children when you’re busy inside the house.

6. Teach pool safety

If you have a swimming pool, safety should be a top priority – especially during the summer months. Install a fence with a self-closing and self-latching gate around the pool area to prevent unsupervised access and minimise the risk of people falling in. Teach children about pool safety rules, such as no swimming without adult supervision and no running near the pool. Enrolling kids in swimming lessons can also boost their water safety skills.

7. Stranger danger

Educating your kids about stranger danger and the importance of not talking to or going anywhere with strangers, even if they seem friendly. This is especially important if older children will be home alone during the summer holidays. Installing a Video Doorbell can help with this, allowing children to see who’s at the door without opening it themselves. Plus, you can check who’s at the door wherever you are, so you know that your children are safe and sound.

8. Fire safety 

All homes need to be protected from fire, with working Smoke Detectors to warn you and others of a potential fire. Being alerted by a smoke detector can help you to prevent a house fire, especially if the cause is a small flame that can be quickly extinguished before it spreads. Learn how to install and maintain smoke detectors in this guide.

You should also be sure to teach children about fire safety and the dangers of playing with matches or lighters. Show them how to stop, drop, and roll in case their clothing catches fire, and have a family fire escape plan in place.

9. Supervise online activity

If your kids use the internet, set up parental controls on devices and browsers to restrict access to inappropriate content. Regularly monitor their online activities and discuss internet safety, including not sharing personal information with strangers online. There are certain social media posts that help out burglars by letting them know where you live, what valuables you own, and whether you’re in or out of the house. So, it’s essential to educate children of all ages about the dangers of social media, especially during the summer holidays.

Read our next guide on back to school home security to get you and your kids prepped for the time that rolls around fast. Nothing secures your home better than a Home Security System. Build a system or take a look at our many home security products and accessories. For peace of mind and enhanced security throughout the year, contact SimpliSafe today!