How to set up an outdoor security camera

Posted June 1st, 2022 by SimpliSafe

How to set up an outdoor security camera

Why is outdoor security important?

Home security is crucial for ensuring that your property is completely protected. From keeping your garden valuables safe, to securing any possible entrances to your home, an Outdoor Camera will keep a constant lookout for any suspicious activity, and help deter any trespassers. 

It’s important that homeowners keep on top of garden security, especially after a study by Co-op Insurance revealed that a fifth of Brits claim to have had items stolen from their garden. BBQs topped the charts - being the most commonly stolen garden item - closely followed by garden furniture and plant pots. To avoid the cost of replacing these valuables, alongside helping to prevent any damage to your property, it is recommended to install an outdoor security camera.

How to set up an outdoor security camera

Map out the area

Before you set up your outdoor security camera, map out the area on your premises and decide where you want to install it. Look out for any hot spots that could be targeted, whether this be your driveway, garden shed or otherwise, considering how many you’d need to safely cover each area - one for the back of the house and another for the front may be suitable as with a SimpliSafe Outdoor Camera, it has a 140º field of view. 

If you’re still wondering where to position your security camera, you can head over to our previous post, which details some of the best spots. 

The install

SimpliSafe’s Outdoor Camera is simple to set-up, without the need for any hardwiring as it’s battery powered. Before you start the install, make sure your battery is fully charged and then follow these steps:

  • Make the Outdoor Camera is near your Base Station and WiFi router

  • Go to the app, click on “add new camera” and follow the instructions 

  • Press the set-up button on the back of the camera and the Base Station will give you a voice alert, then the app will ask you to name the camera

  • Once set-up, you will be able to view the live video. 

Now how to fix the camera to wall:

  • The recommended mounting height is 6-8ft above the ground, so make sure you’re equipped with a steady ladder before climbing up

  • Drill two holes into the wall with a 7/64” drill bit and use the included wall anchors

  • Twist off the cap on the camera dome (the black dome shaped magnet that the camera attaches to) and screw the cap to the wall using a screwdriver

  • Twist the dome back onto the cap and you’ll hear it click into place

  • The camera can then be attached to the dome and connects via the magnet

Want something a little more visual to help you with the set-up to show just how easy it is? Check out our step-by-step video guide.

What else does the Outdoor Camera feature?

The Outdoor Camera is a great addition to any SimpliSafe system and it integrates with it seamlessly. It has two WiFi antennas which ensures a strong connection to your Wifi router, so you can feel assured that your camera will operate efficiently, regardless of its placement. 

With 1080p HD video, a 140° ultra-wide field of view, digital zoom and colour night vision, you can capture crucial evidence in the event of a crime, or just keep an eye on what the pets or kids are up to in the back garden. To give potential intruders a fright, it also features a spotlight, 80dB siren and two-way talk.

Finally, once your camera is set up don’t forget to take a look at the activity zones to ensure it only has visibility over your property. This will help with the battery life too.

Ready to go

Once these steps have been followed, you’re all set.

So there’s no downtime with your Outdoor Camera, you could get an Extra Battery. Or to keep it permanently charged, we also have a Solar Panel or Cable.

For more advice on the best ways to optimise your home’s security, get in touch with one of our professionals. Start customising your system to best suit your needs today.